About me

I was born in 1982. I’m married and have three children. I work at Virke, the Enterprise Federation of Norway, where I’m head of health and social services in the branch organization for foundations and NGOs.

Before I began working at Virke, I was an appointed political secretary to Oslo’s Vice Mayoress for Seniors, Health and Social Services (Socialist Left party – SV (further information on Wikipedia here). In the past I’ve worked as a research fellow at the University of Oslo, in a local pharmacy and in Norway’s Directorate of Health.

When I was employed by the University of Oslo, I sat on the board of the university chapter of Norsk Tjenestemannslag, or — in English — The Norwegian Civil Servants Union. I’ve previously been the president of the Norwegian Peace Initative, and I’ve been involved in student politics and with Attac, where I sat on a workgroup on medicines issues.

My interests cover Norwegian and international politics, especially welfare and distribution-related policies, as well as policies on education and science. I’m native to Oslo’s Groruddalen, or Grorud Valley, but I’ve since moved to Marienlyst in downtown Oslo.

On this blog, I usually write only in my own voice. I try to reference faithfully any sources I use to substantiate my arguments, and I refer to the organisations that I’m a member of, whenever I try to advance their views.

Please leave a comment on any posts you find interesting. I’m always interested in learning new facts and gaining new perspectives, and I don’t let differences of opinion get in the way of that interest. I edit my blog based on the «not in my livingroom»-principle, meaning that any remarks that would get you thrown out from my house if you were my guest, will also get your comments deleted. As I don’t get easily offended, it shouldn’t be too difficult to avoid.

If you want to contact me, you can send an e-mail to benjamil { – at -/ } gmail.com or +47 91 31 45 85.

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