Teachers per student in Oslo and Trondheim

I made a figure for the launch of Oslo SV’s election campaign that we didn’t use because we were concerned that the calculation method that I’ve used isn’t exactly the same as the usual one, when these matters are discussed. However, I certify that the numbers are right. You can check them at Grunnskolens informasjonssystem, and you can download the raw data here. This is the figure:

The figure shows that there are more teachers per worked student year in Trondheim than in Oslo, and that this is a persistent pattern.
Students per worked teacher year (y-axis) in elementary schools in Oslo and Trondheim. Source: GSI (see main text for details).

In my opinion, this shows that it’s a realistic option to increase the number of teachers per students in Oslo’s school. The discrepancy is a policy choice by Høyre. It also demonstrates that in a municipality where SV participates in a majority coalition, we choose to make the number of teachers per student a priority. It’s a fact one might want to make a note of.

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